Prospecting for Aces by Richard Brooke

Most of you have seen or read about the comparison of aces in a poker deck to leaders in your names list. There are always four aces in a poker deck, regardless of how apparently illusive. The same is true for prospects.

In poker, there isn’t much you can do to coax those aces out of the deck when you need them. But in networking, there are many things you can do to attract your aces.

Prospecting Tips

  1. Maintain a long list of specific prospects: names, phone numbers, and addresses. Get administrative help to create and maintain it. A long list of prospects constantly calls to you… “call me.”
  2. Set yourself “on fire”… and people will come watch you burn. Prospects are attracted to someone who is “on fire” about what they are doing. How do you do it? With a crystal-clear vision that moves you.
  3. When you prospect, be in a hurry. Act like you have 50 people to see today…. Motion creates emotion in your prospects. Inspire them with your massive action.
  4. Use money with laser precision and always use money unless your prospect gives you a better reason. Offer people one-third of what you think their full-time income is. Just guess based on their occupation if you don’t know. When you lead with a product, always follow with “When you see how effective this product is, I’ll show you how to earn $____ a month with it… part time. Would you spend 15 minutes to see how?”
  5. Limit your prospecting objective to getting a “yes” to a presentation. Don’t try to prospect someone into the business. Focus on closing for the presentation only. “Would that be worth it for you to just take a look?”

Sponsoring Tips

  1. Always leapfrog your prospect into the business. The picture of “People I know will do well at this. I already have a dynamic profitable organization” will compel your prospect to not only enroll but to hit the ground running… like a leader.
  2. Paint the big picture as you go. Show them as much as they can absorb. Leaders can visualize far more than the basic presentation offers. As long as they are receptive, show them the recognition, the trips, the leadership opportunities, the character and leadership development, the residual income, the big money… real big money, the corporate vision, your vision, cultural commitments, the future of Network Marketing, etc. Be the artist. Paint the big picture.
  3. Be the master storyteller. Teach your new distributors the foundational success stories of your company. Nothing is bought until the story is told.
  4. Give your new distributors responsibilities. Responsibilities will call out the leaders. Ask them to play a leadership role by:
    • Qualifying themselves for immediate bonuses.
    • Registering for your next conference.
    • Helping to set up the meeting room at local meetings.
    • Speaking at local meetings.
    • Speaking on your conference calls.
    • Submitting their testimonials on products and programs to corporate.
  5. Exemplify leadership yourself, and your leaders will jump out of the deck.
    • Hold weekly meetings.
    • Prospect daily.
    • Enroll new distributors every month.
    • Stay focused and positive on your vision.
    • Avoid gossip.
    • Be straight with people in your communication.
    • Make unreasonable requests.
    • Do whatever it takes.
    • Do it anyway.

These tips will make the difference between “missing” the leaders in your deck and feeling like someone stacked the deck full of aces in your favor. Master them.

- Richard

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